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Israeli diplomat considers that the coupe occurs in Kremlin

Putin did not appear since 05 March. Competent sources inform that nothing strange happen, but the rumors still spread. It is a rumor in Israel on the state coupe that led to the replacement of Putin.

Israeli diplomat considers that the coupe occurs in Kremlin

Former ambassador of Israel in Russian Zvi Magen says that he sees ‘a lot of signs of the state coupe’.

‘Movement of the militaries around Kremlin shows that change of leadership Happened or at least an attempt to change the current leader,’ – stated Zvi Magen.

Israeli diplomat thinks that the coupe could be accomplished by the ‘opposite groups in the army’ or by influential businessmen’.

To confirm or to deny statements of Zvi Magen is not possible.

There is a version that Putin will no longer be able to show in public because ‘he has back problems’. As of information of Austrian newspaper Kurier, podiatrist from Vienna arrived to Moscow for treatment of the president.

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